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Can you buy metformin over the counter in uk, it may sound expensive can u buy metformin over the counter but I have read that it can be bought over the counter in India from an Indian pharmacy. But you can get metformin at a pharmacy in India from an Indian pharmacy, so it will cost you less than the price of prescription in uk. I have heard that at the pharmacy price is much more than metformin. anon178906 Post 50 Hi, my first-ever question is about the best diet to support development of the liver. It is very simple and well known. We can't expect any other type of organ to develop when the heart is not healthy. I have a question. How do we get our liver health? What do you all think? anon173994 Post 49 I don't have any problems, but I'm going to try stay away from dairy products now and try to go full-vegan. Is there any way of boosting the liver through diet? It's one of the best liver-boosting things. anon173281 Post 48 This seems really easy, but I need help. I've been on metformin for three weeks to treat blood sugar issues and, like a lot of people, my first-day back to full-time work has been terrible — I Metformin 500mg $104.65 - $0.29 Per pill haven't able to work, I've been ill, and lost interest in life. I'm now wondering if doing too well on metformin. I read online that it will take three months to fully recover. Any ideas? anon173097 Post 46 The reason I'm curious is that I know will soon go into my late 40s and liver isn't doing well. I was so sure that my liver would finally shut down and then I would go into a slow decline for life and then die, but it has been fine. What should I have done differently at all? I've heard that going on metformin for a week can make it more likely that your liver will still work and that's good — but I don't know where it would have been bad to start. And it won't always work, either. I went on metformin the other day to help me go the gym, and my drug store in toronto canada weight is down two points from last week to a good 80. But I only go when really have to, and only on a daily basis. I try not to eat red meat or fish. I've been doing that, and I think the whole thing may have had something to do with the weight loss in last week. My stomach still feels like it's full, and I'm always full when I go on metformin. still take milk and eggs, I just don't eat them to excess. My liver is doing great. I will stay on it for another three or four weeks and hopefully my liver will do well without me trying to do anything else. view entire post anon172666 Post 45 My friend is a vegetarian and has been for a while. She has been diagnosed with liver cirrhosis. We've been looking up what she needs in order to continue on a vegan diet. She will go on metformin for six